If you’re on social media, you know that your fellow peers have made sure to whine about how it is already August. August is said to be the “Sunday of the summer”. But just because summer is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t wear bright and fun clothing. Although summer activities may start winding down, the weather sure hasn’t spared us in Boise.

This Fashionista has on such a cute outfit. She relies on details to pull it all together. I believe her bright yellow shorts are the centerpiece of her outfit. Yellow reminds me of sunshine and popsicles. She paired a basic white V-neck T-shirt. For shoes she paired it with her favorite metallic Birkenstocks. Keeping up consistency with the blue she has a blue and white tote bag and an adorable matching head band. I really love how much time and effort this Fashionista put into her accessories.

This outfit is really perfect for anything. This Fashionista can go out to breakfast to reunite with some old friends with style or go and buy supplies for the upcoming school year with ease.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “As the summer comes to an end, your outfit doesn’t have to become dull and boring. If you’re running out of time to fit everything on your summer to-do list in and can’t spare to look anything less than cute try to incorporate just one bright and colorful piece into your outfit. It could be bright yellow shorts like my bright yellow shorts or a neon pink top. Keep the rest of your outfit minimal and voila, you’re ready to go!”