STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Standing Out In The Cold

Pratt students and New Yorkers alike have been blessed so far this winter with sunshine and strangely warm weather. Each of us is bracing ourselves for the sudden onset of the freezing New York weather we all know must be coming at some point. Many of us are even eagerly anticipating it, keen to pull out out the layers of sweaters, scarves and hats.

Although many find the impending cold weather an opportunity to escape the fashion standards of New York and burrow underneath shapeless sweaters and parkas in an effort to keep warm, the Fashionista/os of the Pratt campus see it as an opportunity to bring a whole different wardrobe out to play. On the coldest winter days, it may seem impossible to haul yourself out of bed, put on a cute outfit and get yourself to class. The easiest way to look put together and look and feel warm is obviously…the statement coat!

This Fashionista has the statement coat trend that has been hitting the city on point! Out with the identical fur lined parkas of the past and in with coats that identify with every Fashionista/o’s personal style, not simply covering up the look, but becoming a part of it. This Fashionista’s oversized cloth coat is perfect for highlighting the look underneath. The movement and overall shape of the coat mirrors the shape of her skater shirt tucked underneath. Although casual, the textured coat elevates the overall look and brings a girly-chic quality in the almost skater-type cut of it.

The statement coat, like much else in fashion, was born out of necessity. Waiting on the cold streets of New York, the chicest of fashion week attendees last February donned everything from the more classic style of Hanii Y to Iris Apfel’s colorful numbers. The coat became an essential and eye catching part of an ensemble. So let it be your traditional camel number, the faux fur you are waiting for the confidence to wear or the boxy pink coat you have had your eye on for months, pull it out once winter hits and make a statement!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’d say pay attention to each part of your outfit. No piece is too small to go unnoticed and each piece works together to form a cohesive look.”