STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sophisticated-Chic

Sophisticated-chic is one of my favorite styles to pull off because it’s very versatile in a sense that you can wear this style everywhere! (no exaggeration my friends). Whether it’s school, a dinner date, church, a night out, you name it- this style will work. This style tends to be my go-to when I’m questioning what type of outfit to wear. Some of you may be wondering, “What exactly is sophisticated-chic?” Well, there is no right or wrong to this style, but there definitely are some key pieces that you can play with to pull it off.

Dark wash skinny jeans or jeggings is usually what I go for because I think that wearing dark wash jeans look more classy than I lighter wash would. Next, I always accessorize!  If I’m not wearing some form of jewelry I always feel incomplete and naked because I think jewelry can always play up the most casual outfit. I have a slight obsession with statement watches, especially when going for this style. Watches give off a very sophisticated and girly feel to the overall outfit. Lastly, in the winter scarves are a must! Not only for style, but for warmth to make these frigid days more bearable. They’re so awesome because one scarf can be worn in so many different ways! Scarves to me are like Nutella, good on everything and anything! You can make it into an infinity scarf, braided scarf, or like my Fashionista, simply hung across the shoulders like a poncho. If you choose this option, I wouldn’t wear any necklaces that way they outfit isn’t too busy.

In the photographs I took, this Fashionista is encompassing sophisticated-chic while still giving off a playful look!. I love how this style is very sophisticated while at the same time comes off as very sassy too. She’s wearing dark wash jeans, black booties, a gray knitted sweater, a plaid scarf and a bright red peacoat for a pop of color! She’s also sporting a watch, black beaded bracelet and a dark blue Michael Kors handbag to accessorize. Finally, to give the outfit more of an “umph”, she paired it with tortoise shell sunglasses and a deep red lip to compliment the peacoat. If you’d want more sass to this outfit, wearing a beanie or switching to black combat boots would do just the job.

My personal style advice of the week would be to ACCESSORIZE. I cannot stress this enough. I’m so adamant about this I feel like I’m practically preaching it like it’s my day job. Adding accessories to literally ANY outfit can take the outfit from zero to one hundred real quick. Sorry not sorry for the Drake reference. You could be wearing a ripped style capri  and oversized t-shirt and add a long-flowing necklace and bangles to completely transform it! It’s amazing how a few simple pieces of jewelry can take a casual, simplistic outfit to completely chic and sophisticated.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Clothing is such a beautiful form of art and creativity; therefore, never shy away from something that truly speaks to YOU. If you like it, then wear it and own it.”