February 24th, 2016 at 2:10am

Winter is now in full swing here in New England. There are a lot more snowy days, darker skies and the desire to stay in all day to watch Scandal for the fourth time. As it turns out, it is quite impossible to stay inside all day at college. But, when you’re walking around on campus and thinking about your bed that does not mean you have to look like you are ready to jump into bed.

Dressing up during the winter may seem like a very hard task. With all of this crazy wind causing you to get a brain freeze while walking to class, one becomes more tempted to grab dark-toned clothes in the morning simply, because it is easier to wear. Just because you have dark clothing on does not mean you can’t look rad.

Simply add an article of clothing to your outfit that has a pop of color. You can add a bright beaniescarf, a pair of gloves or be super bold and throw on a bright winter coat. If you would like to make your outfit even more interesting, you can play around with color-blocking and add two different bright colors in your outfit. Now, not only are you making your outfit more interesting, but you are also keeping warm. This is something you must keep in mind here in New England especially after getting an email from your school warning you about frostbite.

Are you still not sure how a random bright color would work with a dark outfit? Look at this fabulous Fashionista’s look for great inspiration. She had on black leggings, black boots and a black and white blouse. Adding onto her outfit, she threw on a beautiful bright green scarf. The scarf took the outfit to a whole other level. It makes the look more playful rather than bland. Something as simple and useful as a scarf, easily turned this Fashionista’s outfit into something magical.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With my personal style, I am unconsciously choosing darker tones during the winter, which definitely helps in keeping warm. However, I always love to add a pop of color with my scarves just to stir things up. After the daytime, I can ditch the scarf and have a nice outfit for going out.”