Most often seen donned in hipster festivals and punk rock concerts, the classic bohemian style can be defined by its effortless airy charisma. Dressing bohemian style is a way to pertain to one’s inner core and connect with the world and nature. I like to view it as adorning ones body with the richest flavors of cultures. Today’s global awareness is continuously strengthening this type of fashion. Its unartificial semblance seems to simply exude streaming rays of sunshine and youthfulness. However, just as the inevitability of age is to youth, bohemian style has a looming adversary. As biting winds and arctic degrees factor into the sartorial continuum, it becomes a terrible vexation to integrate boho style into a winter getup. Wintertime can serve as the greatest opponent to the jaunty buoyant aura that essentially delineates the revolutionary trend.

Bohemian style has all the funky elements and exotic zing of fashion—creating a rich cocktail of casual, hippie ’70s style and ethnic vintage. This strategic Fashionista defies the stereotypical bohemian look by combining the concept with something a little more neoteric. Whilst upholding the style’s antique elements, the ensemble infuses components that are not only modernized, but winter appropriate, thus trumping the bohemian style’s greatest foe. Her sleek white down coat, reminiscent of palace fashion, percolates a feeling of royalty with its extravagant billowy collar. Her striking turban headdress and posh eyewear injects the perfect amount of traditional bohemian into the look, promoting a relaxed aesthetic. As we venture into the bottom portion of the ensemble, we can see the modernist contemporary style come into play. Mixed with a dash of romanticism, her pink animal-patterned ankle trousers paired with soft gray tights underneath merge perfectly into her pointed bow heels. To tie it all off, a chocolate-colored polka-dot scarf melds the two fashion genres of contemporary romantic and patterned boho into a harmonious unity. Needless to say, this fashion melting pot is a successful feat, comprising a look that can only be defined as contemporary bohemian mastered in the coldest of climates.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Be progressive! You don’t have to single out just one kind of style and commit to it throughout your outfit. Gather different elements from various fashions for a more unique look.”