Not all great outfits have to be complicated. Some of your cutest outfits can also be the comfiest. This Fashionista shows us a great example with her very stunning yet simple outfit.

T-shirt dresses are very popular right now! They’re a comfortable and cute must-have that belongs in every Fashionista’s wardrobe. What makes this dress different is the graphic. The graphic is very simple and elegantly written, yet it adds so much to the outfit.

The flannel adds some color to the outfit. The fact that it is tied around her waist allows the graphic to still be visible. With the weather changing, it is good to keep a light jacket or sweater. This flannel is great just in case she gets cold.

This Fashionista adds another element to her outfit by adding knee-high socks to her look. Knee-highs are a great addition to any dress or skirt outfit, especially with a cute pair of leather booties.

This outfit is ideal for a casual date, going to class or a trip to the mall.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? Instead of wearing your favorite clothing items the same way, change it up to make different outfits out of the same pieces.