Coco Chanel once said “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” and this Fashionista embodies that very quote! With her sheer blouse paired with a pair of khaki jeans and boots, she perfectly captures the beauty in simplicity when it comes to fashion. The fun part about this outfit is that, although all of the elements are fairly basic pieces, there are added details that really make the look stand out.

I absolutely love the patterned holes on the sleeves of her top paired with a lighter pair of jeans. As spring rolls around, we’re seeing lighter colors jump back into style. That being said, even though warmer weather is coming, a pair of boots will never go out of style no matter the season. Her heeled gray ankle booties give this look a more dressy feeling than pairing it with flats or sandals.

While her outfit is what we see first, the accessories she pairs with this look are what truly give this Fashionista’s style a hint of simplicity and elegance. Dainty and small jewelry can really complete a whole outfit! I absolutely love the beautiful red stoned necklace she wears, along with all of the rings she’s stacked together.

Lastly, we can’t forget about the bright pop of color she brings with her kate spade purse! This purse is the perfect accessory to match with a simple outfit especially during the transition stage from winter to spring.

Overall, this Fashionista certainly rocks the simple, yet elegant and effortless look. The best part about a simple outfit is that you can always pair it up with beautiful accessories to make your outfit stand out even more.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to keep it simple and classy. A good pair of jeans with a nice top and some light accessories will make you feel confident, even if you’re only wearing neutrals.”