STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Silk Scarves for the Win

As soon as spring makes its appearance, most of us Fashionistas/os tuck our knitted blanket scarves away into a place where they won’t be seen for a few seasons. While you most definitely won’t be needing any chunky knitted scarves this spring and summer, there’s no need to write scarves off completely. Whether you’re stuck in a wardrobe rut or just can’t seem to figure out how to freshen up your looks for the warmer temperatures, a chic scarf in a lightweight fabric might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

From 1960s-inspired head wraps to the iconic bandana, scarves have always managed to make a splash throughout any season. Whether you’re into looking ultra feminine or tomboy-chic, styling a scarf to suit your style aesthetic is an easy task. If you’re currently into paisley prints or minimalistic stripes, there is definitely a scarf out there that will fulfill your heart’s desire. When paired with a classic pair of culottes and a white T-shirt, a billowy scarf is the ultimate warm weather staple.

This is proven by taking a look at this Fashionista. While her outfit is composed of simple pieces, her colorful silk scarf takes it to a whole other level. She wears a circle dress and cardigan in a neutral hue paired with nude flats. As most of her ensemble is in muted tones, her printed scarf becomes the focal point of her look. This Fashionista’s outfit is living proof that mastering the art of styling scarves is all about balance. Next time you’re stressing over what to wear, remember that you truly can’t go wrong with a lightweight scarf!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This has always been my go-to fashion mantra for spring: when in doubt, put on a scarf!”