STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Shades and Stripes

Summer style is always fun. There are so many different styles and pieces to play around with and almost anything goes in the summer. Sunglasses are personally one of my favorite accessories and I must admit that I have one too many pairs. I have been all about those colored lenses lately, and apparently other people have been too!

This Fashionista has on a simple outfit, but stands out with her flashy sunglasses! They are such a subtle accessory but really make a bold statement. The cool thing about her sunglasses is that they aren’t just one color. They are a mix of a purple and a green and depending on the angle you are at, they are different. This definitely makes things interesting when trying to figure out what to wear them with. Of course, you don’t want your sunglasses and outfit to clash, and she does a good job of picking out a dress that actually goes perfectly. I am obsessed with the neckline of this dress. This summer I have been all about the high necklines. I really like the stripes on this dress and how they come to a point at the seams on the side. The back of the dress also has some eye-catching detail with the V shape being connected by two stripes. I think that it adds a really cool detail to the simple dress.

This is such a casual look because of the fabric of the dress, minimal accessories and simple shoes. With that being said, this look can be completely turned around and dressed for any occasion.  You can throw on an edgy pair of sandals and some jewelry and change the look ever so slightly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to stick to things that I feel comfortable in and that I can do anything in. I am more laid back with my clothes, but love that these sunglasses can change that by adding a little something extra!”