STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Scarves And Mixed Metals

Just because winter is here doesn’t mean style has to get lost in puffy jackets and snow boots. Layering an outfit doesn’t just have to consist of long sleeves, sweatshirts and fuzzy socks. In fact, layering adds more to a look in the winter because you can keep on adding, and it can be cute too. You can still keep your classic fall look; just throw your parka on to get from place to place. And because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to stop accessorizing.

The flannel is a staple piece that will never go out of style and can be paired with pretty much anything. Throw it over a simple tee, tie it around your waist or over your high-waisted acid-washed jeans. You also have the option to button it up all the way and add a gold fringe or fan necklace to class it up a little. It’s a timeless look that just can’t go wrong. Scarves are a must for the upcoming winter months; they are a great way to stay warm and are extremely fashionable with all the colors and styles to choose from. This Fashionista chose the vintage ’90s look with the flannel over the band tee. She modernized it with simple gold and silver mixed metal found on the accessories, hand bag and boots. Midi rings are very in right now and they add a little bit of complexity to a simple look. The studs on the flannel also tie in with the studs on the bag to make a cohesive daytime to nighttime hangout/concert look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never forget your flannel this winter found in all different colors and textures at almost any retailer; pair that with a classic and cozy circle scarf to warm it up for wintertime. Leggings are still okay this time of year and even come insulated. Complete this look with a few simple accessories such as midi rings and bracelets and remember mixing metals is okay!”