STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Say "Hi" to the High Neckline

Say goodbye to the V-neck, scoopneck and boatneck. It’s time to bring back a different type of neckline: the high neck. This neckline has been popping up in numerous clothing stores and it can be found on various types of clothing pieces, including tops, dresses and our focus today: rompers. The high neckline is growing in popularity due to its versatility and how perfect it is for the warm summer months.

This trend is definitely reminiscent of another vintage clothing trend: the classic halter. The high neck is a little different from the classic halter because it provides more coverage in the back. This allows Fashionistas to still have the cute high neckline without the open back of a halter. Additionally, the high neck tends to be more square at the top rather than rounded. However, the high neck can be seen in any strap thickness or shape, ranging from spaghetti straps to mock turtleneck top.

Rocking the high neckline helps to highlight your shoulders and it adds an element of chic to a simplistic outfit. This neckline is on trend due to the fact that it is universally flattering and simplistic, so it can be styled in a multitude of ways. New designs and shapes of this neckline are constantly being created in different patterns and textures and in the form of swimsuits, dresses and tops. The versatility of the high neckline really allows every Fashionista to style it in a way that represents their individual sense of style.

So how can you style this neckline? This Fashionista allowed the high neckline to be the highlight of this outfit. She kept the outfit simple by pairing this embroidered high neck romper with tan sandals and a corresponding tan leather handbag to tie it together. Using the neutral toned accessories helps to keep the bright colored romper the main focus. This outfit is simple and comfortable but still cute and perfect for the warm weather here in Riverside.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When styling high necklines, I prefer wearing bandeaus or bralettes to avoid awkward bulging or visible straps that can happen when wearing a standard bra.”