STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Run the World (Girls)

The oversized button-down is the Edward Cullen of the fashion world—completely misunderstood and avoided, but when understood correctly, it can complete one’s outfit (or heart). Most people avoid this oversized top or jacket, because they don’t know how to wear it correctly. If not worn correctly the look can become unflattering and manly. But, we all know the button-down isn’t just a man’s piece. Just like with most things, girls wear it better anyways.

Pairing an oversized button-down with a crop top brings in a contrast that makes the look much more flattering and sexy, rather than baggy and manly—classy, yet not too conservative. Leaving the shirt open rather than buttoning it up to the top can also bring in a more feminine vibe to your outfit. Make sure to avoid super loose fitting pants, as the top is already on the larger side. Wearing this pinstripe button-down with ripped jeans gives the outfit an edgier look, especially when matched up with black suede, lace-up pumps.

The oversized button-down is actually an extremely versatile piece. It can be worn to class buttoned-up with a tight skinny jean and booties or out at night with your girls for dinner, when it’s worn as a jacket and paired with heels. Whether you’re attending a sorority event or going on a date, the oversized button-down is a great addition to your closet this semester.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When I can’t figure out what to wear, I can always count on the classic white T-shirt and jeans to look presentable and put together without trying too hard. This oversized button-down can be thrown over any white T-shirt and jeans outfit to complete the look and dress it up a little.”