Where I went to high school there is a saying, “You can take the girl out of the prep school, but you can never take the prep school out of the girl.” Even though I now attend a massive public university, I hail from the land of plaid skirts, polos and knee-high socks. So, when I saw this Fashionista sauntering across the street, my inner Blair Waldorf started tingling and I knew I had to stop her.

Back in the day, I was the queen of the knee-high sock. I think I had more pairs of knee-high socks then I had dresses and if you know me that’s saying something. When I spotted this Fashionista rocking her pair of black knee-highs, I was immediately inspired.

When I left high school, I always thought that I had to leave the things that I loved behind and reinvent myself. If something was cool in high school then there was no way it would still be considered acceptable in college, right? Wrong! This outfit is the perfect example of that.

Just because something isn’t “trendy” doesn’t mean that it isn’t stylish. Many times I feel that the words trendy and style get mixed up. While anyone can wear a trend, it takes a true Fashionista to make the trend their own; that is what having true style is all about.

This Fashionista decided to take on the button-down skirt trend that has been very popular lately, but instead of the classic jean option, she opted for a suede black skirt from Forever 21. She paired the skirt with a striped black and white top, also from Forever 21. Since the skirt is such a trendy item, the black and white top adds a classic element to the look. In order to spice up the outfit and make it her own she decided to dig up her favorite knee-highs from her own high school days. To finish out the look, she wore black booties from Steve Madden to help the knee-highs in elongate her legs.

Her metallic bag from Micheal Kors is the finishing touch to an effortless look that takes a trend like the button-down skirt and makes it a unique and stylish ensemble. It is incredible how one element like a pair of socks from high school can elevate a look from just being trendy to showcasing a unique sense of style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what you love no matter if it is ‘in’ or not. Trends may come and go, but if you wear what you love you will always have style, and that’s what is important.”