With the temperature dropping and Winter Storm Linus bringing a swath of heavy snow across the Northeast, everyone is wrapping up in this chilly weather. What we see on the campus is most all students wearing North Face, Columbia and Canada Goose. Everyone seems prepared for the snow, but what they forget is to bring some style to their look.

Everyone forgets to wear red since Christmas was over a month ago, but I think choosing some red clothing would be fun when the snow covers our city. I would definitely wear some red outfits to set off this white scene, especially since my Chinese spring festival is coming.

This Fashionista was wearing a red trench coat that caught me eye. Her skin tone stood out in the snow with this good quality and rich red coat. A trench coat would absolutely keep you warm in snow days because it is crafted in a double wool blend twill. A good trench coat is a piece worth investing in. You can wear it every year unless it is damaged. I can’t say it would be a trendy item each year, but it would definitely be a classic item you can use over the years. Choose a trench coat that has added details just like our Fashionista’s. Her coat has a funnel collar which can provide protection from cold wind.

Red is a beautiful color, but some people are afraid to wear red because it is hard to match with other colors. Our Fashionista matched her red trench coat with a black legging and a classic Chelsea boot, just like the colors of Christian Louboutin. Even in this cold weather, don’t forget to add some fancy earrings to your look. This Fashionista chose to wear a pair of Baroque-type earrings.

Don’t hesitate! Start to lighten up your wardrobe with a beautiful red trench coat.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Drop off your big jacket, and try on a trench coat. It can lighten up your look!”