We all have had those days that we choose our favorite article of clothing to create an outfit around. First, we decide if we want dressy or casual. Second, we decide if we want to scrap that and do whatever we want. Those days are usually the best for creating an iconic look that we will want to try again day after day! We all have had those days that everyone adores a piece we are wearing, such as a top or some jewelry. But I loved everything about this Fashionista’s style. Her edge and the modernity of her fashion could easily be something I fall in love with. The colors that were being presented in the outfit grabbed my attention right away, and I knew my attention was not the only one captured!

She chose a light gray crop top that showcased a red floral print that matched her hair color. I adored the way she incorporated the red hues throughout her entire outfit and simply claimed this style like no other. I have seen all white and all black, but never have I seen someone wear all red and pull it off so well! She added a pair of red leggings to simplify the look, and also of course, to continue with her red outfit. I was drawn to the simplicity yet also the detail in which she dived into when creating this style. It amazed me that someone could be as bold as to wear all red and rock everyone second wearing it! She chose gold jewelry as an accent to her red. If her red would not have caught my eye, her jewelry definitely would have! I love seeing an accent and gold always does the trick! She added some delicate necklaces to not go overboard with her jewelry. She wanted to add her gold hoop earrings and of course her septum jewelry.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Put your own flare into every outfit! Be yourself and don’t think that too much color is a bad thing. Remember that confidence is key when planning an outfit but; be sure that you are also comfortable!”