STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Professional Pieces Personified

We tend to limit ourselves when it comes to outfits for class by shying away from professional or business attire. As young adults, we should begin to feel comfortable dressing professional at times.This Fashionista has taken her outfit beyond the staple jeans, comfortable shoes and T-shirts that we often see on campus. Not only is she professionally dressed, but she also adds her own personal flair to the outfit. This outfit is the perfect example of how you can be professional, daring and chic while on campus!

The foundation of the outfit is very modest and chic. The bodysuit paired with the leather burgundy pencil skirt sets up a very complementing contrast. The bodysuit makes for a clean and sleek look. There is no need to worry about anything coming undone or looking messy. In general, pencil skirts look very professional, and the color of this particular one definitely makes a statement.

This Fashionista also keeps her accessories elegant by wearing a very classy Michael Kors watch, eye-catching jewelry and simple handbag. Although the colors of the handbag don’t particularly match the outfit, the colors coordinate very well, especially with the shoes. The Christian Louboutin ankle boots that she is wearing are very gorgeous and rare and are definitely the most unique component of this outfit. You may not be able to obtain these exact ankle boots, but you can complete the outfit with distinctive ankle boots by a different brand.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear things that outrage people. When people can’t help but stare because your outfit is so outrageous and stylish, you’re doing something right.”