Every Fashionista has their favorite type of heel, mine happen to be pointy toe heels. They are sleek, trendy and alluring paired with many different types of styles. A pointy heel is best when the heel is on the smaller side due to the occasions where they can be sported. Pointy toe heels are undoubtedly the most professional heel; combining sophistication and a clean presentation. A pointy heel always pulls an outfit together!

Pointy toe heels can come in a variety of designs. A majority of pointy toe heels come in either leather or suede. These classic heels look remarkable with a pencil skirt, tailored pants, or straight leg jeans. These heels also come in a diverse amount of colors and patterns. You can find them in neon, neutral and even in prints like floral. These heels are great to be worn to an occasion with somewhat of a dress code because they add a pop to a somewhat boring and plain outfit. Examples of occasions to properly rock the pointy heel would be to work, an interview, an internship or a dinner date.

This Fashionista paired her suede black heels from DSW with an ensemble for her internship. She is wearing pencil leg high-waisted black jeans, a sheer plum colored shirt and has layered with a blazer. She has accessorized with an oversized leather purse that is large enough to fit all of her necessities for the workday. She topped off this fashionable yet professional look with her heels. This Fashionistas heels stand out even more than the typical pointy toe heel because they have a funky zipper on the side. This zipper is the perfect addition to a plain black heel, because it adds a pop of spunk while still looking professional.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love finding pieces that are classy and timeless with a small detail that shows my personality and taste. That’s what I love about these heels; the classic black color and professional pointed toe style of them make them a simple everyday style staple. However the gold zipper detail on the back of the shoe adds a bit of personality and flair to an otherwise streamlined shoe style. I love that I can dress these up for a night out or wear them to my internship with a professional outfit.”