A girl can only wear so much gray, black and blue before she starts to go a little crazy. The winter weather really starts to take a toll on both the mind and body come the end of January, and the idea of wearing pretty pastels seems like a dream. This Fashionista proves it’s possible to channel warmer days in a very easy and trendy way simply with your purse.

This Fashionista’s Vera Bradley bag has a beautiful array of colors ranging from pink to green to orange, which gives it an uplifting and charming vibe. Her fabulous purse also has an adjustable strap and several compartments, which are extremely useful for keeping this Fashionista organized. It’s pretty safe to say that Vera Bradley is seen all around college campuses. Whether it be in the form of a duffle bag, wallet, purse or card holder, you can pretty much see this familiar print anywhere you go. Regardless of how you prefer to carry your items, Vera Bradley has something in a pattern and color suitable for every girl for every season.

I love that this Fashionista uses her purse to accent the rest of her marvelous outfit. It’s a nice, popping print against the rest of her already chic outfit. Her top is another one of my favorite parts of her look because maroon is my favorite color to wear regardless of the season. This Fashionista’s gorgeous, oversized top is so classic and is something I’ll definitely be looking to add to my wardrobe! I just love how the dark maroon contrasts beautifully with her classic yellow Timberlands. Her look all together is a solid 10/10.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pretty colors and fun prints! You can never have enough, and it just makes you just feel confident and sassy!”