If you experience cold weather like I do, you might notice that ponchos are back and a hot trend. While seeing all of these ponchos and you’re my age, you’re probably thinking “what a cute fun trend”, and if you’re my parent’s age, you’re probably thinking “those were in style when I was in high school, how are these back?” Well the best part is that they’re trendy, warm, easy to wear and great for all body types!

When finding the right poncho look for you, you will be a little overwhelmed on all the different types. There’s the simple poncho, poncho scarf, turtleneck poncho or the poncho sweater. Check out this Fashionista’s poncho sweater. She is rocking a simple open front poncho that is black and gray patterned. She pairs it with black tank top, pants, handbag and flats. She also added some silver accessories to add some sparkle to her outfit. Her chic look could be worn on the weekend to lunch, to work or going to the city for a day trip. You could wear ponchos in her or other styles such as bohemian with fringe, minimalistic, patterned and jacket style.

The great thing is not only will they keep you warm, but also they’re also the easiest to wear! You can really just slip on some jeans or leggings, a shirt, top it off with a poncho, and you’re out the door. They are usually the statement piece, so everything else you wear can be very simple. What is also great about ponchos is how anyone can feel comfortable wearing them. They’re loosely fitted and look cute on all body types.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With ponchos, you just have to find one that fits your style and keeps you warm. Just slip it on over an outfit, and you’re out the door for some fun around town.”