March 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

With each passing week, we get closer and closer to the spring equinox. Every day I wake up to check the weather forecast hoping that I will finally be able to go outside sans coat. Unfortunately, living in Wisconsin means that the snow and chilly temperatures tend to stick around much longer than we would like. This means we must don our jackets for a few more weeks even though the calendar says it should be spring. Luckily, an easy way to freshen up a cold weather outfit is by swapping a dreary black coat for one in a pastel hue. You get to stay warm while also inching your wardrobe that much closer to spring!

I noticed that this Fashionista built the perfect ensemble around a pastel item. She wore a pastel pink leather jacket with silver hardware. The jacket was paired with a dark gray sweater for some added warmth and a pair of blue skinny jeans. To make the outfit even more appropriate for spring, she added a flowing silk scarf with an ethereal floral pattern. For shoes, she wore a pair of light beige suede booties with a heel. This color palette is perfect for uplifting spirits and reminding yourself that spring is right around the corner!

Wear this outfit to class, out to dinner or for some fun weekend wear! It can be especially versatile; switch up the style and material of the jacket depending on the occasion or climate. A baby blue wool coat works for even colder temperatures, and a pale yellow blazer is perfect for when the weather begins to mellow out.

What is YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Functionality! Finding pieces that are comfortable yet cute makes them that much more wearable.”