Every girl has a few items that she absolutely cannot live without. For me, I cannot live without my plethora of scarves. Whether for warmth or for style you really can’t go wrong. However, there’s no need to strangle your neck with a chunky infinity scarf when you can let it all hang out with a longer oversized scarf. They’ve been all over the stores and streets and they’re essential and should be hanging in your closet.

When originally thinking of this trend it may come across as looking a little sloppy, a baggy scarf wouldn’t complement every outfit. But when this is paired with an outfit similar to this Fashionista, it’ll look flawless. Since her wine colored sequined top and high-waisted black jeans have a tight fit it lets the oversized open scarf take center stage and even dresses up the outfit even further. The color palette of the outfit is perfect, the bright color of the scarf pops in the outfit and gives it something extra. The mustard color in the scarf blends extremely well with the olive coat, however this is also a nice contrast along side the rich color in the top. There are scarves for everyone of any style, maybe you want to jazz up an outfit with a more patterned piece, or maybe you want to go back to the basics with neutral colors like grey or navy

So why should you be just as obsessed with this look as I am? It’s usable for most of the seasons because it isn’t too thick. You can rock it in fall or spring, it can paired with any type of dress— casual or formal, dress or jeans. It’s also more comfortable because it doesn’t wrap and wrap and wrap around your neck.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always adding a strong color! Making sure my outfits are never neutral and never boring. I like to standout.”