Comfort and ease have been brought to a woman’s wardrobe this summer through the recognizable romper. To the untrained eye, a dress typically makes one think there was ample time and thought put into the day’s outfit choice. When in reality, dresses are meant for people who don’t have time to put up with nonsense when it comes to pairing colors and patterns in the early morning before the day begins. A dress is an easy escape from the headache that can sometimes be the “getting dressed routine.”

Throw a romper in the mix though, and there you have it; rompers are the perfect solution to rid pairing a top and a bottom and keeping the comfort along with the class. This week’s Fashionista proves how stylish a romper can be when aiming for a dressy but partly casual look. Just like a dress, rompers can range in colors and patterns, but white will always remain a classically chic look. Detailed with a more casual floral print, this white romper says it’s here to make a statement, but not steal the show.

Rompers leave you with options: to dress it up or to dress it down. Paired with heels, a romper becomes the perfect outfit for a date night in the city. Worn with flats and the right accessories, as shown here, a romper becomes the perfect outfit for spending the day around town with girlfriends.

This Fashionista’s up-do leaves room for the romper to talk, while her black sandals help to keep the conversation flowing throughout. A fun finger party consisting of uniquely designed and sporadically placed rings helps to give the look the added touches it needed.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “People can shy [away] from rompers because of the negative reputation they get for not always looking the most flattering, but if you keep searching there’s a romper out there for everyone.”