Time and time again, fashion month undoubtedly brings out some noticeable footwear trends. But this season, from New York to London to Milan, the fashion scope seemed to agree that the perfect shoes for winter and spring are running sneakers. Whether they’re a pair of retro New Balance sneakers or straight up Nike trainers, these bad boys have us lusting over coveted street style looks more than usual. Even Converse have been given a new name with their undeniable high-tops with a hidden wedge.

The sporty luxe trend has been a repeating trend seen on the runways as well. Paired with the running shoe, this trend has been taken to new heights. Dressing sporty but swanky is a solution to looking fabulous for every Fashionista searching for something cute and casual to wear on the go. Whether you’re running errands or heading to class—this trend is one that is definitely worth wearing over and over again. When you think about sporty outfits, what usually comes to mind is baggy T-shirts or athletic wear and the classic yoga pants or sweatpants. Although those items can be worn fashionably, next time try swapping your yoga pants for high performance leggings, a long T-shirt, your hair pulled straight back in a neat ponytail and a pair of aviator sunglasses. All the sudden sporty doesn’t sound as grungy does it?

Take a note from this stylish Fashionista who takes the look up a notch by pairing a long white T-shirt with distressed black skinny jeans, gold midi rings, a black leather jacket and finishes it off with a long gray and beige stripped scarf for added flair. Spring scarves are great to pair with sporty luxe looks because they add a dose of femininity to a look that is usually dressed for a more edgy appeal. She tops off the look with her black and white Nike trainers, which are classic for this trend and perfect to mix and match with many different pieces.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you’re looking to dress cute and comfortable, pile on the layers. Delicate necklaces or midi rings are a must! I also love dressing in darker colors because it can make any outfit look chic.”