The first thing that caught my eye about this Fashionista was her amazing magenta bag. Or was it the leopard fur coat? I’m not really sure, because all of it was just so eye-popping and vibrant. I think one of the bigger struggles college students face style-wise is still looking good and maintaining their unique style even in the cold weather. It’s hard enough to put effort into your outfit when you’re waking up for an 8:00 a.m. class, but thinking about additional layers and leaving your bed for the cold walk to class can be even more discouraging. However, as shown by this Fashionista, it’s not entirely impossible to look utterly fabulous while braving the cold.

Through observing campus style, I’ve noticed one of the most popular ways to maintain a sense of individuality in cold weather is to simply not settle for a plain coat. People seemed to have forgotten that a coat can be functional and stylish. Some of the popular, more classic pieces rocked on campus include peacoats and army-inspired jackets. This Fashionista bravely chose a style that I personally love: a leopard print fur coat. There’s something so chic and iconic about leopard fur, and I love that the wearer has to have a certain amount of nerve to carry it off. It’s a much more versatile style than one would expect and has been worn by several of my personal style icons such as Patricia Arquette in True Romance and Fran Drescher (yes, Fran Drescher is one my personal style icons; she slays).

This Fashionista doesn’t just stop at her leopard coat, though. She also looks beyond basic jeans and leggings by choosing a pair of spandex pants worthy of Sandy from Grease. By just wearing them with a plain white blouse they look chic instead of silly. Pointed flats and a statement bag round out the look. My biggest inspiration I get from this Fashionista is to put in just a little bit more effort every day. Sometimes it feels hard to look beyond leggings and a sweatshirt but it brightens my day every time I see somebody rocking a look like this to class, and it pushes me to aspire to do so as well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be yourself and strut your stuff! No matter how fun or crazy your outfit is, just own it.”