In the winter months, we follow a different colour palette than we do in the summer. Although the summer is filled with lovely florals and pastels that make the already bright summer brighter, this is not the case in the colder months. Darker, richer hues are the way of the winter. This Fashionista knows that to stand out, one needs to have a look comprised of neutral colours. Darker, earthier tones help us to remember that there is, in fact, something out there under the piles of white snow.

This Fashionista chose a lovely green jacket to keep the earthy tones and to make her makeup pop. Her pink lipstick brings focus to her face as the rest of the outfit is more neutral. Her burgundy hat helps to set the neutral colour scheme for the outfit. Although a green jacket may be the ultimate winter colour, it is not alone in the scheme of colours to help brighten winter. A nice earthy brown jacket is a subtle colour for the winter that always looks fantastic. One can also never go wrong with a nice gray that is very neutral but always in style.

The colour scheme changes throughout the year and although winter could be seen as dreary, it doesn’t mean that black has to be the only colour worn through the winter months. Any Fashionista or Fashionisto can look amazing in bold colours, or patterns, that are just right for winter.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Wearing colour helps to keep winter happier in the sea of white.”