Whenever the topic of high-waisted jeans comes up into a conversation, there are those who enthusiastically share their opinion and then there are those who take a heavy sigh and roll their eyes. High-waisted jeans seem to be an overwhelming topic within the world of fashion because of the debate of whether or not they can be pulled off. With the right wardrobe and confidence, you’ll be sure to turn heads in a positive way.

There are so many ways to dress up and even dress down high-waisted jeans. To stick to a more laid back look, you can mix a pair of high-waisted jeans with an oversized V-neck T-shirt tucked in. Another option is even accompanying the oversized T-shirt with a cardigan or flannel. This style of jeans can be worn for any occasion: grabbing coffee with a friend, grocery shopping or even going out for the night with your significant other. This Fashionista has definitely taken the alternative route with her style, deciding to dress her high-waisted jeans up.

Initially, I noticed this Fashionista rocking black wedges, which gave off an edgy feel. Pairing her acid-washed denim high-waisted jeans with these heels made her the epitome of punk rock. To make her curves stand out, she opted to wear a white crop top. To finish off her look, this Fashionista threw on a black leather jacket. Her overall image is fresh with a confidence boost any Fashionista can obtain. Wearing the right mix of garments that show off your shape and make you feel beautiful, tough or unstoppable can make your confidence go through the roof! Even if your outfit looks great already, visible poise will make the look come together in full circle.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My high-waisted jeans give me more confidence than any other article of clothing I have in my closet. Wear something that shows off your shape and gives you confidence.”