We’ve all gone through the phase where we contemplated purchasing new shoes just because the ones we have are little worn in. We’re all so concerned about “dressing to impress” and wearing something new. But is that really what we want?

When deciding what shoes to wear, I personally always go for my old, worn-in shoes rather than the brand new shoes that are still uncomfortable to wear. Besides, who wants to walk around with bright shoes? Brand new, bright, clean shoes sometimes make a person’s outfit look a little choppy and not fully put together. Older shoes can make an outfit look more vintage and classic.

Wearing older shoes are also cozier than new shoes. New shoes can give you blisters and can be hard to walk in at first. But since older shoes have been worn in a lot, they are much more comfortable to walk around in.

This Fashionista decided to pair a cute T-shirt dress with a pair of old Vans. It puts the outfit together and makes it look like a more natural look rather than forced. Shoes are a big aspect of a person’s outfit and it’s important to feel that they tie the outfit together rather than feeling compelled to wear something new just because it’s what you think society likes. She also touched up the outfit with a simple ring to add a little accessory.

Yes, at some point it’s time to get new shoes, but wear your old shoes while you still can. They’re both cute and comfy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to wear clothes and shoes that I can feel comfortable in, but that are also cute.”