Visiting old friends is one of the most exciting parts of winter break. Yet while swapping stories and catching up is great, the best part is seeing how everyone from back home has changed. As a college newbie, this was extremely true for me as all of my friends and I recently headed off to different schools. What I found was that while no one had personally changed too dramatically, many people’s styles had evolved to suit the character of their new school.

This is true for this Fashionista but recently added some more University of Washington flair to her wardrobe. Here, she showcases her evolved West Coast style in a look that features classic neutrals with a flattering ‘90s silhouette.

The ‘90s trend has been popping up all over the nation recently and is something that I am absolutely loving. This Fashionista embraces the trend by combining a mock neck sweater with a high-waisted corduroy skirt. High-waist lines tend to make one’s legs look longer and the vertical button detail of her skirt definitely adds to the effect. The upward trend keeps going with a high neckline sweater and black tights add warmth for those rainy Seattle winters. Finally, a delicate gold necklace and ankle booties polish off her neutrally ’90s look.

It can be difficult to create an outfit that is both on trend and classic, but in this ensemble this Fashionista does just that. By pairing trendy ‘90s styles with a neutral color palette, she brings a throwback look into the 21st century.

Take a note from this Fashionista and when you’re trying to think trendy, remember to keep it neutral.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When in doubt, neutral it out. Not only do neutrals go with everything, but they also look effortlessly chic.”