January 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

While I love to experiment with fun colors, my everyday staples tend to fall into the neutral category. Earth tones, especially in the cooler months, are simply irresistible and so easy to dress up or down. Just because this color palette is tried and true, though, does not make it boring. As this Fashionista proves, an outfit full of deep greens, browns and grays is sure to be a hit!

The versatility of this look is what makes it so stellar. From shopping, to dinner with friends and everything in between, this outfit delivers the perfect balance of casual and chic. This Fashionista used some fresh elements to add a little something extra to the classic T-shirt and jeans combo.

My absolute favorite piece from this outfit is the olive green army jacket. From the first feeling of fall in the air until the warmer spring months, this jacket is a girl’s best friend. It is light while still providing plenty of warmth and the cinched waist doesn’t create unnecessary bulk, a terrible downside of many jackets. Another fabulous addition is the wide-brim hat. This accessory is extremely popular right now for a reason—anyone can rock it! It really brings the entire look to life, taking an already on-point outfit up a notch to perfection.

This Fashionista proved the necessity of neutrals and how, when combined, a few everyday pieces can make any look special. She chose some shiny gold arm candy paired with dark lips and nails to complete her ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try mixing and matching some of your favorite neutrals to amp up your winter style game. Whether it’s an accessory or a piece of clothing, neutrals bring together any look naturally!”