Ladies! This loose knit sweater, delicate gold jewelry and a warm vest and boots all with a perfect pair of blue jeans makes this Fashionista’s outfit totally effortless. I don’t know about all of you girls, but the description of this outfit makes me think of crisp winter air and a delicious latte in hand.

Chic and functional while totally prepared for our not so warm winter weather here in Utah. The gorgeous mix matched gold jewelry and knitted sweater could just as easily be paired with an adorable pair of nude pumps and the Columbia sports vest replaced with a soft cashmere scarf. you’ll go from comfy day out to date night or girls night out with little effort. This Fashionista is all about function, comfortable fabrics and attention to detail. At first glance you might just miss it, but the second look will surely catch your attention. The tiny golden tree of life pendant is gorgeous and paired perfectly with her vintage bracelet and trendy rings. The gold accents didn’t stop there, it carries on throughout tiny details in her surprisingly affordable boots and even onto her aviator sunglasses she kept in her vest pocket. Such tiny gold detail paired with a classic, comfortable winter outfit is what makes this so easy and so adorable!

Men can rock this too! Boys, don’t think for a second I forgot about you. One of the many things I love about this outfit is that it unlike most can be completely recreated by a man, flawlessly! Don’t worry I’m not referring to the nude pumps, as for the cashmere not so much, but nobody complains about cashmere! so be sure to follow the links to get a masculine visual of this great outfit.

Fashionistos can get this look with boots of any style. If your a Timberland man, that will work just fine. If you want the same functional benefits of this Fashionista’s snow boots then you will love these. Pair them with some ripped jeans, baggy or fitted which ever fits your style best. To replace this hooded knit sweater here is a great cashmere crewneck, Color preference is up to you but there’s no denying this neutral tan looks amazing with that gold. For all of you guys, a gold watch would accent this look perfectly you could also do a gold chain and bracelet. Like I said its your personal style that is important. To top it off, this great Columbia vest will completely transform this outfit from Fashionista to Fashionisto.

Day-casual to date night, and beautifully natural to masculine and neutral this outfit is completely versatile. So try it out and put your own twist on it! Man or woman some outfits just look great!

Whats your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort! Functional pieces are key to my style. Its important to be comfortable and confident in what you wear and also ready to do what ever you want to.”