My middle school memories are flooded with images of me jumping in my too-tight-jeans just so I could zip them up. It was a time of tight clothing and the jeans definitely followed suit. I, as did others, created a pathetic wiggle-then-lunge technique when putting on skinny jeans in the morning. Why did we allow ourselves to be so uncomfortable each day? I remember cringing at the mere thought of slipping into a pair of flare jeans back then. Thankfully, the fashion world has seen a shift. Boyfriend jeans are a thing and they are a cool and comfortable thing.

Let me give it to your straight. Walking around the Florida State University campus is a tedious task. There are a plethora of steep hills so you’ve got to dress the part. Cue the tattered boyfriend jeans. The pant gives the appropriate level of comfort while serving ultimate style realness. This Fashionista opted for a pair of boyfriend jeans in light wash denim. Could she be any more rad? Yes, because she went for the double denim look! On top, she layered a white denim jacket over her Calvin Klein T-shirt. While I personally believe you can never wear too much denim, the contrast of the white and light denim keeps the outfit from feeling too busy. On her feet, she wore a pair of black Chelsea boots. The shoe is a fun juxtaposition to the masculine vibes the look gives off. The mini heel is reasonable for maneuvering from class to class and, most importantly, let’s all your peers know how much of a Girl Boss you are. Heels to class? Yes, please! She added dainty silver jewelry to give her ensemble some literal shine. The pieces are not distracting but give the overall look essential detail.

Boyfriend jeans don’t have to be styled in a masculine way. By combining loose and fitted pieces, you can create a look to suit any personal style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sizing can be odd when it comes to boyfriend jeans. The legs can fit perfectly but the waist can be too big. My solution? A skinny black belt. Hold up your pants and look good doing it”.