STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Monochromatic Muse

Monochromatic color schemes are not a new trend this season but rather a popular recurring trend across seasons. Winter is a great season for monochrome outfits. Black is abundant in winter, more than likely due to the gloomy weather and our mourning of the loss of warm weather. Despite the infamous “no white after Labor Day” saying, white has become quite the contender for winter wear.

The black and white geometric pattern of the Fashionista’s dress is particularly eye-catching. Her dress is a fun and flirty take on a monochromatic palette. By sticking with a black and white dress, she enabled her accessories to make a much more dramatic statement. As if it were even possible, this Fashionista made her outfit even classier by accessorizing with red. Her bold, red lips pop against her black and white dress. She dragged the color down her outfit, hitting key areas to engage the eye and draw attention to her outfit. The neckline is one of the most popular places that eyes land on an outfit and this Fashionista wore a red necklace to enhance that aspect. She also wore a red belt which is eye-catching and makes us look closer at her little waist. Since it is winter, she donned a pair of black tights to keep from freezing. She also wore a pair of black flats, which are eye-pleasing and makes her legs look continuous rather than cutting them off at the ankle by wearing a different color of shoe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I like to keep outfits classy but add small, bold aspects. I really look to Taylor Swift as a good example of this. She has me addicted to simple, classy outfits, such as a dress [worn] with a powerful and bold, red lip.”