It’s easy to get into a fashion rut when the weather seems like it’s straight from Frozen. Chilly days make me want to wear my default jeans and sweater, or stay home altogether to cuddle with my friend’s Netflix and hot cocoa. This Fashionista decided to brave the chill in a colorful, mixed print ensemble.

She is rocking a floral skater dress, a plaid flannel, tights and boots. Floral prints are usually only seen in the spring or summer, but this Fashionista makes them winter worthy by layering. People say that mixing prints is way too busy, but in the paraphrased words of Elsa, you have to let their advice go. Style is about experimenting. Unexpected patterns can look great together. The black and white floral print is small so it doesn’t look too busy mixed with the red, white and blue flannel. Black tights and black buckled booties keep the outfit grounded for winter.

Don’t be afraid to pull dresses from the summer to wear in the winter. With some creative layering, you can mix in summer clothes to stretch your winter wardrobe. When mixing prints, choose wisely, but still keep it “you.”  This Fashionista mixed a patriotic flannel with a black and white floral dress, resulting in a statement-making winter outfit. To keep your prints from looking too crazy, make sure the patterns are not too big and find prints that have one color in common. Don’t be afraid to experimentyou never know what looks good together until you try! If mixing prints scares you as much as fighting off wolves in a reindeer led sleigh, then fear not, because I have some favorite go-to combinations. Pair a navy and white striped shirt with either a leopard print scarf or a polka-dot skirt to get your mixed print on.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Layering is an easy way to add interesting textures and details to any boring outfit.”