March 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s getting to the point in the semester where the workload is piling up. Midterms, papers, work, internships and clubs may be crowding your schedule and it might be hard to find a moment to breathe. This does not mean, however that you have to give up your unique style Fashionistas/os! Take this busy time to try out a new style you may not have had the time for in the past!

This Fashionista succeeded quite well at a newly trending minimalistic style in an everyday look. By keeping her articles of clothing to a minimum she was able to focus on the small details that pull the outfit together. Her distressed denim shorts help keep her look from appearing too plain and gives it an edgy flare. Her leather ankle booties also complement her shorts in adding a dark touch to go along with the edge they provide. To keep the outfit from appearing too dark, her neutral pink shirt brightens up the outfit and adds structure with its turtleneck. To pull everything together, this Fashionista added a gold watch and skinny bracelets as accessories as well.

By keeping her outfit to a minimum, she was able to achieve a simple yet chic look. In the busy life that college creates, we don’t always have time to mix and match numerous articles of clothing. Remember that minimal is more, and keeping your look to a minimum will give you more time to focus on the details. Ultimately, you will look more put together, even if you are feeling everything but!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you’re feeling too busy to pay attention to how you dress, stick to basic colors and maybe one pattern or print. It will keep your outfit from looking too busy and you won’t have to worry if your bottoms really do match your top all day!”