Maxi dresses—beautiful. Short dresses—a must-have. Midi dresses—what’s that? This new fabulous trend puts a spin on the maxi dress by having a length below the knee, but above the ankle.

Going to a meeting? Have a hot date? Need to run out quick to get some shopping done? The midi dress is perfect for each of these occasions. A sleeved midi dress can be adapted for both the conservative and punk rocker type. A flowy midi dress is perfect for the upcoming festival season or an every day boho chic look. Midi dresses are even suited for a formal event; when paired with heels, this dress is sure to turn heads!

This Fashionista was spending her day shopping the streets of Los Angeles, specifically on Melrose. The fabric of the dress is light and stretchy, optimizing comfort and breathability. These qualities make this midi dress perfect for hitting the boutiques!

Of course, accessories are always an important part of an outfit. The midi dress is basic, gray; therefore, it is easy to style in different ways. The floppy hat and round sunglasses give the look a chic, rocker edge. This dress type is so versatile and can be dressed down with booties, or dressed up with heels. This Fashionista pairs her dress with leather booties that add to the chic rocker look of her other accessories. The black and gold on the booties are perfectly complemented by the colors of the purse!

The versatility of midi dresses make them a must have in every Fashionista’s closet!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Having a staple item is so important. Get a purse that can pull any outfit together!”