STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Military Meets Tribal

Winter can be hard, especially when it comes to coats. Coats are tough to shop for. You have to find something that will keep you warm, which usually means a big puffy coat.  It’s hard to be stylish when wearing something that makes you feel like a marshmallow but never fear! I have a solution to keep you warm and stylish.

When buying a coat you need to do some research; figure out how warm you need your coat to be. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the weather is pretty wishy-washy so we need a variety of thickness for coats. Most climates are similar (thanks, El Nino) but if you live up north you will definitely need a heavier coat. This Fashionista has a lighter coat on, but if you need a warmer coat I suggest checking out places like Eddie Bauer or The North Face. How does one stay warm and stylish you ask? Let’s take a look at how a Fashionista does it.

This Fashionista manages to stay warm while also creating a fresh take on a classic military jacket. Quite often military jackets add a masculine touch to an outfit, but the tribal sleeves on this look give it a more feminine and unique touch. She was able to find a jacket that has the classic style, but she put her own spin on it. I see her wearing this jacket quite often and every time she layers it differently. She mixes it up with a scarf, a purse, a hat, jewelry and different tops underneath. Whatever your preference is, mixing up a classic look with some patterns or layers is the perfect way to make your look your own.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear your favorite things and things that are important to you, and build your outfits around those pieces—like these earrings that belonged to my grandmother (most of her jewelry was turquoise from New Mexico)—and that way your style is really you.”