For the past year or so, matte finishes have been on everyone’s fashion radar. From matte lipsticks to matte nail polishes, pretty much anything that was once known as shiny was turning over to the opaque side of the stylistic world. But as fashion continues to build upon itself by flipping trends on their heads, muddled mattes are beginning to be replaced by the new mighty metallics.

On the shore of Martha’s Vineyard, an island just one rickety ferry ride south of Cape Cod, I came across a Fashionista that recognized the current metallic madness and incorporated it into her life via footwear. Strappy sandals are already one of this summer’s must-haves, and the fact that hers had metallic elements rocketed them to the top of that list.

To support her stylish footwear, our Fashionista couldn’t build just any ordinary outfit! No, she dressed to kill in every aspect. She stacked trends on trends on trends, beginning with her denim mini skirt, moving up to a white crop top and finishing off with an oversized cardigan. BAM! All of the boxes have been checked off; each article of clothing was as relevant as ever. Even her color choices were on point: the denim blue has made a tsunami of a comeback in pop culture, and the white on white gives off a fresh, clean look that many A-list celebrities emulate.

Because her outfit was relatively simple, she was able to pile on accessories as liberally as she pleased. She highlighted her metallic shoes with silver hugging her fingers, wrapped around her wrists and stacked along her ears. Our Fashionista also complemented her crop top’s low neckline by stringing a thin necklace around her neck. It allowed for a subtle metallic sandwich that made a stylish splash in her summer wardrobe.

Metallics are pretty simple to incorporate into your everyday style, no matter if it’s masculine, feminine, preppy, grunge or anything in between. Invest in a solid accessory to add a chic sprinkle to your outfit without becoming too overwhelming. Fashionistos can reach level metallic by picking up a sleek pair of dress shoes, and Fashionistas might opt for a tote bag or a clutch. No matter what you choose, metallics will ensure you shine brighter than the rest this season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I just wear what I like and get inspiration from really anywhere. I do me. I feel like everyone should do that; it’s that simple.”