There’s a constant battle between trending and individualizing an outfit. A true Fashionista always creates a unique outfit while still incorporating the popular styles. This Fashionista has mastered a balance between the two. Her outfit is not only one of a kind, it also incorporates the latest trends.

Oversized sweaters can seem impossible to accessorize. However, a collared button-down shirt underneath is a great way to emphasize the sweater and also a great way to keep up with the latest trends. This Fashionista’s color combinations work to her advantage. The main colors are white and black which, in return, highlight the detailed colors of red and blue. The black jeans are spot on. Blue jeans would’ve created another color element, distracting us from the brighter colors.

Keeping up with the trends, our Fashionista takes two more currently popular accessories to finish her look. Timberlands are currently a fashion trend; everyone from Ellie Goulding to Suki Waterhouse is sporting a pair. What makes Timberlands the perfect shoe is the fact that they work with any outfit. Pair them with a girly outfit and it creates an edgy vibe; pair them with a dress, shorts or jeans and you have the finishing touch to a perfect outfit. Our Fashionista’s sunglasses also add a unique detail to the look. Sunglasses are always in style in sunny Florida. Different frame styles help individualize an outfit. This Fashionista uses her sunglasses to her advantage. The cat eyed and round frames can be a fun or serious detail to the look.

Finally, the plaid peacoat emphasizes the white in the sweater. Not only is our Fashionista warm, but she’s warm in style. The coat ties all the details of the look together. This Fashionista is also stepping outside of the box and matching patterns. The plaid jacket and the simple pattern of the sweater mix well together while still creating contrast within the look. The peacoat is the perfect defining element to this ensemble.

A Fashionista should never worry about conforming. By adding personalized details to the current trends, creative and new looks will form. Never be afraid to try a new trend. Any look can be customized and with confidence, a Fashionista can rock any outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pay attention to details. A simple bracelet or a cool pair of shades can be the finishing touch to an ensemble. Make an accessory a part of every outfit.”