When we were younger, the leggings and dress look was one that our mothers loved to force us into. Well, my fellow Fashionistas, take note, because our six-year-old years have come back to haunt us. This specific trend will help girls with bigger hips, like myself, make those curves look even more flattering. I’m talking about lengthy shirts!

As this Fashionista clearly perfected, the longer shirt trend is definitely in. It is not only for leggings but encouraged with pants, too. Covering up the butt is now successful. I love the openings on the sides of the shirt, which encourage the eye to understand how high or low her jeans actually go. It drapes down nicely in a circular motion to flatter her long legs.

Pairing this shirt with a cute pair of silver sandals was a nice match, not distracting from her distressed jeans. Her Ray-Ban sunglasses perfect this summer look. Since the shirt has a lower neckline, a chunky necklace is encouraged because of the shirt’s solid color.

We are so used to tucking in shirts that go past our waistline, but we should be letting it flow! I understand the allure of crop tops, but I would like you all to reconsider. Personally, I am only willing to wear a crop top if I am having a “skinny day.” What I enjoy about the airy feeling this type of shirt allows is how it lets your belly feel free to bloat after a big Chipotle meal!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s awesome to read blogs, follow fashion websites or take styles from your favorite Instagram account. But at the end of the day, make sure you dress like you. Be you and don’t try to be someone else.”