It seems only appropriate that in the weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day, lace is more present than usual in outfits around campus. After all, who doesn’t love a little lacy detail here and there? This Fashionista certainly loves lace and does an exemplary job of layering lace in this outfit.

Lace can easily be too overwhelming for a layered look, but the key is all in the thickness and consistency of the lace itself. For instance, this Fashionista has thin lace on her tights and thicker lace lining the bottom of her dress. This contrast ensures that the lace doesn’t appear to be swallowing her whole, and layers nicely to create a beautiful look.

Lace may be associated with feminine style (especially around Valentine’s Day), but this Fashionista proves that lace can accentuate more than just one style. This outfit could easily have been worn with a pair of flats or heels and looked just as cute, but the combat boots do well to add an interesting flair to the look. The boots add another aspect to an otherwise flirty look, which is a nice way to set yourself apart from the crowd during this time of year.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love tights and have a whole box of them with something for every occasion. I always have a hard time keeping them hole-free, which is why patterned tights (like these lace ones) are my favorites. You can’t tell if they have holes in them or not!”