It’s time for Austin College to start its spring semester; however, there’s still time for us to wear some of our new Christmas gear including new socks. With all of the traveling abroad during Jan-Term and even with on-campus activities, knit socks are an essential, of course. They have become so popular that students on campus, including myself, layer and wear them over their leggings or yoga pants. Doing so, they can wear an array of shoes from knee-high boots to Birkenstocks while remaining warm and sometimes while showing off their new kicks. Some students on campus add more to their outfit by having a design or fun pattern on their feet that they can show off.

Our Fashionista this week commented on how crew-length or any knit socks are a great way to customize your outfits on a budget. When in college, most people can afford socks and can change up their entire look with different colors and styles with the same pair of shoes on. There are an infinite amount of styles and lengths in terms of footwear. Every length can help accentuate your shoes and looks further. It is a lot easier buying six pairs of socks versus six pairs of shoes. That is why I love this Fashionista. She decided to make her outfit about her favorite piece of clothing while sticking with a monochromatic theme throughout her entire ensemble that complemented her favorite socks. The Fashionista wore her knit gray sweater underneath a white sports coat. She wanted me to let everyone know that her socks are what decided her outfit for this week, and she recommended others to style their outfits based on their favorite socks every once in a while.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can never fail with neutrals and lots of layers. Get varying lengths and colors [of socks], but when you’re picking them out, [you need to] think about how they look with your shoes versus your clothes.”