January 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s the beginning of January, which means it’s also the beginning of the New Year. So you know what that means for us Fashionistas? New year, new gear! But sometimes we tend to get a bit closet crazy with finding the perfect mix of clothing styles for the in-between weather. Not to worry, J.C.G is here to give you a few tips about your fashion fix of the month.

I ran across this Fashionista today in the heart of Baltimore sporting a three-colored logo dress from Forever 21. It is decorated with a few fashion capitols of the world lined across the chest: New York, Seoul, Milan, Dubai and Cape Town. This look stood out the most because logos can be overdone. The dress she sports is simplistic and classy with a bit of edge.  This mix of brown, black and white on her tiny frame is paired with a simple ripped, opaque-black tight, and complemented with a pair of black leather ankle booties. This particular oversized dress is popular among college students because it is effortless and a quick, cute outfit you can wear hanging with friends or just for a day in the city. She accessorizes with structured black glasses with a gold underline trim, diamond stud earrings, a black oversized handbag, red lip color and mustard yellow infinity scarf. Her long, black trench coat with gold button trimming brings it all together to make it the perfect combination of pieces for the changing seasons.

Transitioning into the New Year is a great time to switch up your style, so why not do something on the edgy side? Add some new ankle-cut booties, a logo dress and style it up with your favorite pair of edgy personality glasses. This simple, yet chic outfit can start your new year off just right.

What is your STYLE ADVICE FOR THE WEEK? “Mix the color patterns people usually don’t go for. I usually do my signature black and white with a pop of color, but my favorite is to blend blacks, golds and browns. I don’t want to just be limited to blacks and grays. That way, it is perfect for fall or winter.”