The latest accessory trends seem to revolve around one common theme: the bolder the better. One particular company that has been knocking this trend out of the park is J.Crew. Whether the top is a plain white crew neck or a cable knit sweater over a gingham print button-down, J.Crew is donning bold statement necklaces and making most of us fantasize about living in J.Crew catalogs.

When taking the runway inspired look to campus, a few key elements are getting lost in translation. The “less is more” theme runs wild across numerous college campuses. This theme makes the runway-inspired, bold statement necklaces more class-appropriate. The theme, however, is also putting a damper on bold fashion trends, primarily because “less is more” typically means that less effort is put into developing a solid campus-ready outfit.

A combination of “the bolder the better” and “less is more,” makes for a perfect outfit for a day full of classes. Finding the balance can really mean paying more attention to the details. More subtle accessories can easily dress up an outfit without being too flashy and distracting for classroom situations.

This Fashionista nailed the campus balance. While she kept it simple with a sweater, she chose a sweater with a bit of color gradient to it to keep it from being just a plain, grey sweater. Her combat boots add a bit of a spunk and the Aztec-detailed lining of the boot is really nice. The Aztec print adds spice and a touch of color to her outfit, but they are not as over powering as say a pair of solid Aztec print boots would be. A bold and interesting necklace completes this Fashionista’s ensemble for her busy school day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Take trends and make them your own. There are no rules saying you have to wear certain items how they are displayed on the mannequin or in the catalog. Embrace your style and put your own flare on trends.”