As we enter the warmer months, it is a little bit (or a lot) harder for Fashionistos to appropriately adjust their wardrobes than it is for Fashionistas. What do you do on a day where it is cool in the morning but becomes significantly warmer at random points throughout the day? Well, luckily for us, whoever said layering was reserved for the winter months is a big fat liar.  Whether you are a Fashionista or a Fashionisto, upgrade your look and face the season’s changing temperatures by wearing lightweight layers that keep you both cool and comfortable no matter the weather.

Clean, light and understated are three perfect adjectives to describe this Fashionisto’s superb summer style. Whenever you are layering, you always want to put the lighter garment (such as a button-down) on first and then layer a heavier garment (such as a sweater) on top. A white and blue gingham paired underneath a deep navy V-neck sweater makes a great pair, but when styled with rolled up jean shorts and boat shoes, it becomes the perfect summer outfit for all men. When you are wearing such understated garments, accessories play a vital role in pulling the look together. This Fashionisto opted to accessorize with two black pieces- a classic pair of Ray-Bans and a beautiful Michael Kors watch. The decision to wear two very classic and clean looking accessories that matched one another brought an element of class to this specific look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think style should come off as casual, as if you never actually had to put in too much thought into what you were going to wear that day. Effortless isn’t the ideal word because obviously you want to show the world that you care, but not too much, just the right amount. I like to draw a lot from my personal inspirations and it really depends on the mood I’m in at the time or something I am recently interested in. Summertime is when I like to mix the JFK and prep look into my style instead of solely playing with my normally metro centric focus”.