STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Leggings, Leggings And More Leggings

They hug your body. They’re sleek and shiny. They come in an infinite array of colors. They are leggings. Gosh, I cannot be more enthusiastic about these babies. I cannot think of any other article of clothing more versatile than leggings. Going to workout at the gym? Wear leggings. Going to class? Wear leggings. Going for a night out on the town? Wear leggings. They are easy to slip on in the morning and are comfy enough to sleep in at night. I should know, I do so all the time. If I were someone who was obsessed with labeling things, I would print out two labels with the word “leggings” and stick them on the two uppermost drawers of my dresser. Seriously, I wear nothing else.

And I feel the same can be said for many of the wonderful Fashionistas I photograph each week. And why not? They are such a trendsetter! So when I saw this Fashionista trotting about in these black leggings, I had to approach her. She shared my style and my obsession. Also, she introduced me to a unique pair of knee-high boots that I had never seen before. The vamp was made out of water-resistant rubber that is perfect for going out in the snow, and the shaft was covered in a soft, velvety material that altogether makes this boot a real head turner. Hopefully, I can find a similar pair at Payless or another store for a bargain. They are so cute!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable! Whether that’s a snazzy pair of leggings, a warm winter coat or cotton T-shirt, wear what makes you feel comfortable.”