As we dive into a new semester of spending countless hours at the library or in bed binge watching Netflix, there is no reason to be in sweats and an old sweater until spring break. Yes, we are just going to class, but the fun part about getting up in the morning is figuring out what you’re going to wear that day! In the middle of all the orange and blue stood out your #OOTD goals. I introduce to you my first campus find.

This Fashionista is the definition of a trendsetter. Her graphic T-shirt is cute yet comfy and the mirrored Illesteva sunnies gives her outfit just the pop it needs. The adidas sneakers provide a sporty-chic vibe, while the fringe backpack adds some edge. Since so much is going on in the outfit already, she minimally accessorized her look with a small bracelet, watch and delicate gold necklace. Tying the look altogether is a fitted leather jacket to stay somewhat warm in Florida’s “winter” and is a piece that is a timeless trend year after year.

As you can see, dressing up for class is not that hard to pull off and so much fun! Trendsetting is also as easy as personalizing a simple T-shirt and jeans with sick sneakers or funky sunnies. So next time you want to roll out of bed and throw on whatever you see first, consider showing off your inner Fashionista/o and leave the sweats at home!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make this winter’s sweater weather, leather weather!”