What’s one of the best ways to keep warm while still looking chic in the winter? It’s simple: leather! It provides the perfect combination of comfort and trendy. The classic leather jacket has come a long way since Marlon Brando debuted the trend in the 1950s; however, back to this present time, leather is not just a trend worn by the “rebel without a cause” or the bad boy/girl image, it is simply worn as a chic statement mixing edge and a fashion-forward look.

One might ask, when can I incorporate leather into my outfit? It’s easier than it seems, leather almost always plays a role in every Fashionista’s closet. Whether you are going for your most daring look with a pair of leather leggings for that can’t miss concert, or even just rolling out of bed and grabbing your car keys that contains a little leather keychain, we can never run away from leather because it is the fashion staple that goes with everything and anything. With apparel, accessories or shoes, leather always stays in style, even if it is just the smallest accent like a leather pocketed shirt. It can even be adorned in metal or gold embellishments for a more edgy flare, making the statement even stronger.

Dressed up or down, this Fashionista decided to shoot for a more casual look, not only wearing the timeless leather jacket, but also accessorizes with a leather handbag and booties. Pairing these with ripped jeans and a circle scarf give off both a comfortable and stylish look while enduring the cold January weather.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like being edgy, so adding the element of leather into my outfit helps me achieve a look that appears effortlessly cool.”