Ah, the crisp, cold air of winter…

Wait. Remind me again of why we all so boldly chose to come to Michigan instead of somewhere warmer like Miami?!

Aside from the top-notch academia and the fact that we all bleed maize and blue, the idea of spending over half of our time here bundled up in parkas, scarves and hats might get to the best of us. Particularly, I find some days especially daunting when I walk outside into the negative degree weather, and I am immediately slapped in the face by a harsh gust of wind. It is almost as if Mother Nature is punishing me for getting out of bed that day!

However, there is something special about dressing for the cold; you can never have too many layers on. Adding multiple layers means you are not only ready to face the frigid weather outside, but you can also peel off the layers once you reach the classroom. For me, this is a major appeal. Layering gives me the opportunity to look fab for both my walk to class and once I am inside the warm building.

In addition to staying warm, layering presents the option of repeating outfits. (Did I actually just say that?) When you layer your shirts, only the collar, the bottom and maybe even the cuffs of the shirt underneath shows. It is much harder for someone to accuse you of wearing that same shirt just the other day. Also, layering brings rise to mixing and matching a bunch of different shirts creating even more opportunities for different outfits. That one shirt in your closet may just start working wonders for you!

This Fashionista was not afraid to test the waters; she definitely mastered the skill of layering. Her choice to layer not only keeps her warm but also makes her outfit unique. The first shirt with the denim collar and the lace trim bottom pushes her basic gray sweater to the next level. For the finishing touch and to make her stand out that much more, she threw on a flat-brim hat. Walking down the streets of Ann Arbor, she is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Use the way you dress as a way of expression; be you through your clothes. I have my own style, and no one can take that away from me. Also, check the sale rack! The best finds are not always those that are the most expensive.”