STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Layered To Perfection

As children, we can always remember our mothers warning us to add on layers and layers during the cold winter months and our endless opposition to it. Flash forward to today, and it is one of the biggest trends no matter what season. You can layer to stay warm, to mix and match colors or to add definition to an outfit. To master the art of layering, it only takes a few easy steps and important advice.

This Fashionista’s layering is ideal for winter and equally as stylish. Her overall bohemian style is the perfect backdrop for putting together different pieces to create a full look. Her use of patterns and colors also adds to her layering technique, making it more dimensional and colorful. The key to layering pieces of clothing is to keep it simple and effortless. This Fashionista rocks this tip by wearing a fitted, patterned cardigan and simple white flowing top while also texturizing with a neutral colored scarf and acid wash jeans. It’s best to add some form of contrast to a layered outfit, which she did by wearing a white top beside a burgundy cardigan. And while she utilizes a range of colors and patterns, she kept it coherent by using neutral, warm-based tones, which look great during the winter season. To finish off the look, she maintains her simplicity with neutral black booties and a navy bag, which was the perfect complement to her blue jeans as well. Although she added in accessories to an already layered look, she rocked it by harmonizing it with her clothing.

When layering is done right, no matter what your style is, it can be the perfect technique to execute during any season, not just winter. This Fashionista has taught us that a colorful cardigan and scarf can be great layers to a patterned top and pants. And because layering can be done with accessories as well, a neutral-toned bag and booties are great additions as well.

Layering has become a staple in the fashion world. It’s versatility and malleability is undeniable, especially in an always-changing industry such as fashion. Always try taking fashion risks when layering—it’s the perfect opportunity to! Stylish cardigans, statement jewelry and patterned tops are all possibilities for an outfit layered to perfection!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Add contrast to your outfits! Even if you’re wearing neutral colors such as beige or black, you can add a colorful jacket or boots to add more flavor to your look.”