As my first semester of college came to a close, I could not have felt more relieved. I was beyond ready to trade in my UGGs and cableknit sweater for Havaianas and the ever-so-trendy this season, crochet bikini. And what better place to escape the stress of finals, snow and monotonous routine than in Miami?

Miami is known for its amazing restaurants, diverse communities and Latin American-inspired street style. I spotted this Fashionista on the way to brunch in downtown Miami, and she represents the unique fashion this city is known for. Her jumpsuit from Brazilian ready-to-wear line, Farm, was far from overlooked as I passed her during my morning bayside walk.

Brazilian fashion is very prominent in Miami street style since it fits the lifestyle perfectly. Brazilian designers take inspiration from the landscape, culture and society that defines everyday life. Check out how this Fashionista’s jumpsuit is printed with palm trees, ocean and sand. Its non-traditional cutouts and A-line pant shape stray far from the styles we see from American designers, making her look all the more intriguing. Her jumpsuit is accompanied by a navy leather Miu Miu clutch, gold sandals and of course, mirrored sunnies, both simple and most importantly, cohesive.

From my ever-so-humble Style Guru perspective, I strongly believe in the importance  of taking notice of smaller fashion markets and embracing their unique trends. For example, take notice of how this Fashionista rocked a clutch with her casual daytime look where as in American fashion, clutches are typically associated with evening and formal looks.

By taking inspiration from small details and applying them to your everyday looks, you will avoid monotony and diversify your personal style. As 2016 begins, make a pledge to embrace new trends, incorporate new routines and redefine your personal style, vision and focus because after all, if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Brazilians love to dress up and express themselves through fashion. We have a very distinct look that is inspired by the beautiful country we are surrounded by. I find our fashion to be expressive and fun yet sophisticated and elegant. While although I admire Brazilian fashion, I love to explore trends from other local industries and incorporate them into my own personal style. Fashion is a global industry with much due exploration.”